executive Team

We are a rebellious group that found a way to legally make a living and have fun doing it.  We enjoy challenging traditional thinking, discussing philosophy, art, literature, and science.  We like to laugh and have fun.  We have families and enjoy the many comforts money can bring.  Therefore, we present to you...

 Icon State.


Ben Johnson -

Dictator, Designer, CEO

Bio - If you are really interested, you can find my  complete, authorized biography very soon at your nearest bookstore or Amazon.com.  You may contact public relations if you are too impatient to wait for the book.



Shannon Johnson

First Lady - Operations, "The brains behind the operation."

Bio - “6 inch heels, She walked in the club like nobody’s business.  God Damn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness.  She’s stacking money, money everywhere she goes.  Oh Baby, you know, she got them commas and them decimals.  And she worth every dollar, she worth every dollar.  She worth every minute.” 


Josh Flowers

Vice Dictator - Business Development, Marketing, Sales 

Bio -  is too glorious to put down, plus the movie producers don’t want to list it until film is released.


Matt Moore

Financier, Corporate Development

Bio – Financial Guru, you would be too envious of his life if we told you.  It is best for your self esteem if we don’t.


Michael Bishop

Artist/Designer/Dream Manifestor

Bio - He requests his bio to be kept secret. 

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Chantal McCulligh

Model/Market Strategist/Writer